While the About page says a lot about WHAT this blog is, it does not speak to my motivations for creating the blog.  I have several.  First, I believe that ideas, learnings, and discovery should be shared (I am not referring to sharing  of commercialization of an idea – I am speaking of sharing understanding of concepts.)  Furthermore, just as each of us often will learn more from our mistakes than from our successes, I believe the corollary that we can learn much from the mistakes of others is also true.  So this blog is a place for sharing my journey, but also I hope for others to share their knowledge and ideas in comments on my postings.

My second motivation is a logistical one.  By journaling my ideas and information that I learn in the cloud, I do not have to manage my own backup regimen.   As long as WordPress and any shadow sites do not cease to exist, my writings will be preserved.  Most of us cannot easily recall every idea or realization we ever had.  Losing my journey and having to start over, unlikely to rediscover all I had lost, would be very discouraging.

Finally, by journaling my ideas online, I establish a date associated with my expression of those ideas.  I do not expect to change our understanding of the universe or of mankind.  Incredible minds have been working full time to understand life, the universe, and everything with far greater rigor than I will ever attain for thousands of years.  But sometimes insights occur in the least likely of places.  If I have an idea no one else had thought of, I would like to get credit for originating it.  While the odds may be low, quantum mechanics says it is possible that I could someday come up with something truly new.  To that end, if you do find an idea I have written about to be new to you, and you choose to build upon that idea in your own work, I ask for the simple respect that you attribute my small contribution that helped you on your way.  I am not saying to credit me with ideas that originated previously with someone else.  But if mine is the first time you are aware of that an insight occurred and was publicly documented, please allow me my two seconds of credit for my contribution.  I would certainly do the same for anyone else.